Che Bella Nota’s Fun Cards Featuring Dogs & Cats

Some of my newer cards feature our favorite pets of dogs and cats.  I would like to share a sampling of these with you, not only for personal use, as cards from or for our best friends, but also for businesses such as Veterinary Offices to share during the Fall Season for holidays.

My entire line of cards that feature animals can be found in my Che Bella Nota Shop on Greeting Card Universe at:



Hope you have a wonderful Fall Holiday season!

Che Bella Nota Designs Fun Cards for Realtors

Below are some of the fun, new Realtor cards designed by Che Bella Nota specifically for Realtors and Realty Agencies.  They range from Congratulations and Thank You cards for your Clients to Holiday Cards and First Time Home Buyer Cards.

Enjoy looking at a few of my Realtor selection here, and then come to see all of my Realtor line in my Che Bella Nota Shop at

Hope to see you at my Che Bella Nota Shop soon.

Wishing you a joyful and successful Fall and Holiday Season!







Celebrate Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day this Spring

Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day are both opportunities for hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare offices to show their appreciation to their employees who do such a good job taking care of patients and improving our health.

Che Bella Nota has designed some new cards for 2017 for both of these occasions, which are shown below, along with some of the most popular cards from past years. Please look through these designs, then come and visit my shop on Greeting Card Universe at to see my entire selection of Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day Cards.












Doctors’ and Nurses Day are Approaching This Spring

Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day are both approaching this Spring and will be honored in March and May. Whether special medical people have been personal caregivers who have cared for you or other family members, or medical professionals who work in your hospital, medical clinic or medical office, all Doctors and Nurses will appreciate receiving a special Che Bella Nota card from you this year. Doctors’ Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 30th this year and Nurses Day will be on Friday, May 6th.

Che Bella Nota has some exciting new designs for both Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day, with some of these featured below. For the remainder of my designs celebrating these important holidays, come and visit my shop at Greeting Card Universe to see all my cards for the special holidays of Doctors’ Day and Nurses Day.





Here are some of my outstanding Nurses Day cards:




Che Bella Nota Creates Business Cards that Congratulate for New Jobs

Take a moment to view some of my Che Bella Nota cards for congratulating those who have attained new jobs in specific fields.

This is just a sampling – all of my cards can be found in my Che Bella Nota shop on the Greeting Card Universe site at: Come and visit soon!



The following card can be personalized with the Company Name the job is with: